5 tips for Better perimeter defense.

One-on-one defense is one of the fundamental elements of basketball. The ability to defend against a player with and without the ball determines the end result. Here are 5 tips on how to go from an avarage player to a "lock" defender.

“Good basketball always starts with good defense!” – Bob Knight
  1. Nose. When playing face to face with the offender, keep "nose to chest" (to the number). Remember to begin with your shoulders lower than the person you are guarding. It is the shoulders game. By keeping your shoulders lower at the start and then continuously throughout the penetration and drive, you are more likely to get to the spot before the offense. When the offender moves with the ball "from east to west", keep your nose opposite his free hand shoulder; Here you control his movements and are ready to react to any change in the game situation.

  2. Hand. Keep at arm's length. Here you will always have time to react to any change in direction and pace, and you will also have the opportunity to cover the shoot.

  3. Put a pressure on the ball. Always remember to put pressure on the player with the ball, make him to do turnovers, but never attack the ball, be patient.

  4. Run. Use one or two slides with a side step at the very beginning of the defense, try to stop the offender in the first step (a bump is possible), then just run, so you can keep your position.

  5. Keep yourself in shape. Playing in defense is 90% of your physical condition and heart to fight back at all costs, and 10% is playing skills. Develop balance, high-speed movement, train your body to reflect the blows of your opponent and take any charges.

Author Arseniy Galtsov

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